Tasha Trojan

Documenting my two years at the University of Southern California, as I study to get my Masters in Public Administration.

Spring Break 2012: Day 3

Today was quite relaxed. I finished my assignment at work and sent it out for approval from my supervisor. I went to lunch today in the Library’s cafeteria .. I was telling Soren that I felt like a 4th grader on the first day of eating lunch with the bigger kids. Since God has a sense of humor, I looked up from my phone after sending that text and realized I was surrounded by elementary school children who were visiting for the day. Thanks, God, I got the joke, lol.

After I got home from work, Martin, my younger cousin, and I decided to go for a bike ride. Now, my uncle’s house is in this absolutely beautiful part of Potomac. The front of their house overlooks a sweeping golf course. The backyard leads to a path that passes by a lake [ducks!]. The homes in Maryland are so picturesque and classic American. I felt like I was riding around in an afternoon special [the Disney kind, not the on a milk carton kind].

After we got back, Marion, my other cousin, was home and the three of us laughed and ate dinner together. I’m really enjoying the time I can spend with them. From the minute I’ve arrived everyone has been so kind and supportive, I am so grateful! God really paved a way for me to come here.

My tour of the reading room in the Library of Congress has been pushed to tomorrow, so I’ll have an update about that! Also, lunch with my fellow Trojans/Fab 4 [sans B; we miss you!], Denesa and Ida somewhere downtown. Excited!

Until tomorrow, my friends. ✌