Tasha Trojan

Documenting my two years at the University of Southern California, as I study to get my Masters in Public Administration.

Today was a random day.

  • Intensive from 9 - 5: Libertarian debates, group projects sans book, professor sitting behind us so we can’t check our email, googling phone plans, job offers.
  • Natural Hair Meet Up in Downtown LA: matching neon accents in our outfits, photos for Essence mag, meeting Tamika from HGTV!!, free hair products, natural hair blog celebs, beautiful fashion, hair inspiration.
  • Thai food downtown: Beautiful (unfinished) loft, spicy food, new love for crab fried rice, jokes, snakes in bathrooms, fastest tab ever paid.
  • Art Gallery: Random assortment of artists, deer throwing up gang signs in their antlers, rainbow ballerina giraffes with tutus and point shoes, suggestive zebras, glitter rappers, live bands, waffles, UCLA Urban Planning students, a strange but impeccably dressed gentleman named Kush (“making mooooooooves!”), moist handshakes (eww), Mona Lisa self-portraits, feet dyyyyinggggg, wrong Honda Civic, home.
LA, you are one interesting place.